How can researchers and museum staff join together for successful collaborations? Maureen Callanan (Professor of Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz) and Jenni Martin (Director of Strategic Initiatives, Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose) discuss the benefits of partnerships, the ways they’ve encountered and persevered through obstacles, and the keys to successful researcher-museum partnerships.

This research was published in Exploration, Explanation, and Parent-Child Interaction in Museums, the Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development, (85)1. For more information, including scholarship, teaching, and outreach resources, visit

Video Credits:

  • Authors: Maureen Callanan and Jenni Martin
  • Interviewer: Lauren Myers
  • All images used with parent permission.
  • Photos provided by the authors and museums; all rights reserved.

Society for Research in Child Development [srcdchilddevelopment]. (2020, March 16). Methodological Lesson: Developing Success in Museum-Research Partnerships | Monograph Matters 85.1 [Video File]. Retrieved from