Headshot of Lynn S. Liben, Evan Pugh University Professor and Professor of Psychology at the Pennsylvania State University and Editor of the Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development.

Lynn S. Liben,

Monograph Matters and the Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development

The Pennsylvania State University

Lynn Liben studies the development of spatial skills and gender stereotypes. She explores the causes and practical consequences of individual differences in both (e.g., for educational achievements). She served as President of the Society for Research in Child Development and has had extensive editorial experience (e.g., as Editor of Child Development; the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, and as Chair of SRCD’s Publications Committee).

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read the Monographs Editorial Statement.

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read the Reflections from the Editor.

Headshot of Natalia Palacios, Associate Professor of Education at the University of Virginia and Associate Editor of Monograph Matters.

Natalia Palacios,
Associate Editor

Monograph Matters

University of Virginia

Natalia Palacios studies the school readiness and academic achievement of children from low-income, minority, or immigrant backgrounds, with particular attention to Latinx children. She explores the ways in which families and schools promote or inhibit children’s linguistic, socioemotional, and cognitive development throughout the transition to elementary school.