This powerpoint presentation provides an overview of concepts related to bimanual coordination, as well as a summary of findings from Brakke and Pacheco (2019)’s SRCD Monograph on The Development of Bimanual Coordination Across Toddlerhood. The slides may be used as supplementary instructional materials in courses related to motor development.

In addition to applications for motor development and bimanual coordination, the activities offer lessons that highlight the value of

  1. employing a dynamic systems framework for understanding complex developmental phenomena,
  2. combining cross-sectional and longitudinal research designs, and
  3. identifying and studying the processes that underlie skill development as children get older.

Created by Dr. Karen Brakke.
Used with the permission of Spelman College. All rights reserved.

Brakke, K. (2019). The Development of Bimanual Coordination in Toddlers PowerPoint Presentation [PowerPoint]. Retrieved from