These set of classroom exercises and corresponding powerpoint offer a series of instructional modules (with linked learning objectives) to allow learners to investigate different aspects of bimanual coordination. The activities are written at the advanced undergraduate level but may be adapted for coursework at other levels at the instructor’s discretion. The following resources serve as a supplement to the May 2019 edition of the journal Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development titled The Development of Bimanual Coordination Across Toddlerhood.

In addition to applications for motor development and bimanual coordination, the activities offer lessons that highlight the value of

  1. employing a dynamic systems framework for understanding complex developmental phenomena,
  2. combining cross-sectional and longitudinal research designs, and
  3. identifying and studying the processes that underlie skill development as children get older.

Created by Dr. Karen Brakke.
Used with the permission of Spelman College. All rights reserved.

Classroom Assignment and Exercises

Slides to Accompany
Classroom Activities and Exercises

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