It is well established that child development takes place in various settings and contexts, or in the places that children spend time. This series of PowerPoint slides presents the ideas from Monographs 88.3, which defines place within developmentally salient terms and provides conceptual, theoretical, and methodological considerations for those interested in capturing comprehensive understandings of contextual influences in developmental research with diverse populations. The Place Developmental Working Group employs a cultural-developmental framework (Place-Based Research: Overview of Concepts and Methods PowerPoint), offers concrete recommendations for scholars (Conclusions & Recommendations PowerPoint), and includes several empirical exemplars (Methodological and Empirical exemplars PowerPoint) to demonstrate, practically, how these ideas and tools can be implemented in the developmental sciences. 

Created by Dawn P. Witherspoon, Rebecca M. B. White, Mayra Y. Bámaca, Christopher R. Browning, Tamara G. J. Leech, Tama Leventhal, Stephen A. Matthews, Nicolo Pinchak, Amanda L. Roy, Naomi Sugie, and Erin N. Winkler. All rights reserved.

MM 88.3 Overview Chapter 1-5 PowerPoint Thumbnail

Witherspoon, D. P., White, R. M. B., Bámaca, M. Y., Browning, C. R., Leech, T. G. J., Leventhal, T., Matthews, S. A., Pinchak, N., Roy, A. L., Sugie, N., & Winkler, E. N. (2023). Place-Based Research: Overview of Concepts and Methodologies, Exemplars, and Conclusion and Recommendations [PowerPoint]. Retrieved from