How does funding for pre-k affect children in the long term? In the PowerPoint file, the authors of Monograph 88.1 detail their efforts to understand how pre-k funding affects the educational outcomes of children years after they were eligible for pre-k participation. The authors employ a comprehensive approach to their work, examining how multiple features of the child’s broader environment interact with pre-k funding to shape academic achievement. 

Created by Tyler W. Watts, Jade M. Jenkins, and Kenneth A. Dodge, with Robert C. Carr, Maria Sauval, Yu Bai, Maya Escueta, Jennifer Duer, Helen Ladd, Clara Muschkin, Ellen Peisner-Feinberg, and Elizabeth Ananat. All rights reserved.

Watts, T. W., Jenkins, J. M., Dodge, K. A. (2023) Understanding Heterogeneity in the Impact of Public Preschool Programs [PowerPoint]. Retrieved from