Is a scripted and intentional curriculum necessary for high-quality early education? SRCD Monograph authors Kimberly Nesbitt and Dale Farran discuss how their controlled evaluation of the prekindergarten curriculum, Tools of the Mind, led them to four “Lessons Learned” for guiding future curriculum development, evaluation, and implementation.

Video Credits

  • Funding: Institute of Education Sciences, US Department of Education 
  • Video Footage: Metro Nashville Public School System (Ross Early Learning Center) and University of New Hampshire (Child Study and Development Center) 
  • Produced by: Kimberly Nesbitt and Dale Farran 

Society for Research in Child Development [srcdchilddevelopment]. (2021, February 16). Overview: Effects of Prekindergarten Curricula: Tools of the Mind as a Case Study | Monographs 86.1 [Video File]. Retrieved from